They Have Changed Their Face

Join us on 16th September for the first UK screening of this lost wonder.

Cigarette Burns was started up to share great films with people, films they might not have seen, or heard of.
Corrado Farina‘s little seen fable fits better than most, and is without question solidly in my top ten films.

Drawing upon the legend of Dracula and updating it to a 1970s Italy setting, this eerie drama explores ideas of media manipulation, consumerism and the sheep like tendencies of the public.

Lowly automotive employee Alberto Valle’s presence is requested at his employer’s mountain top villa. He soon senses that all is not right with his surroundings and realises that his employer, Giovanni Nosferatu (Adolfo Celi) is much more than the head of an automotive company. Stuck in a surreal consumer manipulation cabal, Valle struggles with his morals and fears.

CB is honoured to be returning to the Barbican, this time, as part of their fantastic autumn season, the Colour of Money.

The renowned Prof Patricia MacCormark will be introducing the evening, featured on many Arrow, Redemption and Nucleus Films, Patricia knows her Italian films better than most.

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