We’ve long wanted to bring this beast to a cinema, but materials have always been an issue, so it’s an honour to screen the newly restored version of 1982’s bonkers XTRO at The Institute of Light, in London Fields on 4th June.

 XTRO begins as innocently as any sci fi film might, Tony and his father playing in the garden together, when Sam disappears into the sky in a blazing beam of light.
Standard fare, until Sam comes back, at which point XTRO  becomes a manic beast all it’s own and manages to pack all the insanity it possibly can find into the next 85 minutes. You are left bewildered and wondering if you really did see that panther, those toy soldiers, the birthing scene, the midget clown, and what exactly it all had to do with a evil E.T./Alien rip off.
Who knows.
It doesn’t matter, what does matter is that XTRO is a singularity, within it’s trilogy, within it’s genre, within the 80s, and quite possibly within cinematic history itself.
They absolutely don’t make them like this anymore, and we’re worse off for it.
This Alien is Pure Evil.
We are thrilled to be joined in person, by XTRO producer Mark Forstater who will divulge all sorts of production secrets.