La Prisonniere


Roll on 2018!

We hit the Barbican with the kicktastic La Prisonnière. Henri-Georges Clouzot proved to be a master of suspense and intensity with his classics Wages of Fear and Les Diaboliques. However, France’s Hitchcock, couldn’t find a home with the French New Wave crowds. He struggled and failed to complete L’enfer, abandoning it in 1964.

3 years later, he returned, bringing along some elements and themes from L’enfer, he worked tirelessly on his last film – La Prisonièrre aka Woman in Chains.

Clouzot‘s final film and his only one in colour, La Prisonnière is rarely seen, unavailable in English, it’s a real treat to be able to screen this beauty. Sweet José encounters the mysterious Stanislas, gallery owner and producer of pornographic S&M inspired photographs, volunteering to pose for him opens up a whole new world to her….

The film will be introduced by Virginie Sélavy

Fans of OpArt lunacy, Venus in Furs, Dorian Grey, late 60s sexploitation and Gialli will love this film.
Join us at Barbican Centre for our Twisted Valentine on 13th Feb.